My name is Kristen Faith Deaton and I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant living in the great state of Tennessee. I am married to my best friend of six years and we are the proud parents of a beautiful and rambunctious three year old boy who always keeps us on our toes. He has the blondest hair matched with the sweetest heart. He is definitely our best adventure. Thankfully he is well rested but it certainly was not always this way.

Until he was 2, our son was up throughout the night and waking up regularly at 4:30 am. The Sleep Sense Program changed everything for our family and it was all for the better. I am very thankful to have a well-rested child and our family has benefited greatly from much needed rest.

This season of life, raising young children, is certainly a time to be celebrated and to enjoy. I am not sure where the misconception has come from that being a parent means staying exhausted, miserable and ultimately sleep deprived. I believe that is nothing short of a lie. This is an incredible season of life that was designed to be fulfilling. My heart as a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant™ is to encourage mothers and to speak life and truth to families that are struggling. After using this program myself and seeing major success in less than 1 week, I quickly learned that my family and I struggled for far too long.

I am very thankful to my mother for being such a strong voice of encouragement as I have stepped out in faith to earn this certification and open my own business. She informed me that I woke up every 2 hours through the night until I was almost one year old! I always knew my mother was a saint.

My sleep philosophy is deeply rooted in the intense training and mentoring I have received from Dana Obleman, creator of the Sleep Sense Program™. If your children are struggling with sleep, I would love to help you reach your sleep goals. Although I reside in Tennessee, I can provide sleep consultations nationwide. I would love to customize a sleep plan specific to your child’s needs. I will be there to provide encouragement and support every step of the way, and will work with you until you have reached your sleep goals. What are you waiting for? Let’s book a call.